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West Fargo boy sells root beer floats to raise money after house fire

John Neeb, Bryce, Scott Berge and Levi Nesvold stopped to buy root beer floats in a fundraiser.

Just two days after the Connor family's house was burned, a little boy, Ryne King, devised a plan to help them, and it includes four gallons of ice cream.

King started selling root beer floats to try and raise $500 dollars for his friends. King raised nearly $400 dollars as of last week.

"Once you do something nice, it's just going to keep on going back to you," King said.

The Connors lost their West Fargo house in a fire on Thursday, June 1.

"They've always been nice to us and helped us. So they deserve to get the money from us," King said.

Neighbors also organized a block party with proceeds going to the family along with a community fund.

"I'm overwhelmed and so proud of him. And proud of him because he didn't see it as a big deal. It was just something that he wanted to do for his friends," Lyn King, Ryne's mom, said.

Members of the West Fargo Fire Department visited Ryne on Wednesday, June 8 to show their appreciation for his effort.