MINOT, N.D. -- Minot police are investigating an incident where a man is reported to have had a gun exposed on his hip in the parking lot area of Minot High School-Souris River Campus.

Capt. John Klug of the Minot Police Department declined to release more information  because it is an open investigation.

Shanon DeVries, a mother of a student at the alternative high school, reported that the incident happened on Tuesday.  Here’s what she and others involved reported:

Two of the students at the school said a group of students had been walking back to the school from a gas station when they walked by the man's house. The man took offense at something he overheard a boy saying and told them he had video surveillance cameras.

The students said the man must have followed them back to the school grounds, where a barbecue had been taking place over the noon hour. The students said the man first approached a teacher. He also had some sort of verbal altercation with a group of students on the grounds and talked about fighting them. At one point the man lifted up his shirt and showed them a gun.

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The students said the school principal was angry with the students who had spoken with the man. The teens said the school principal asked the man to come into the school office, possibly to cool off the situation. The students said the principal likely did not know at that point that the man was carrying a gun. The teens said the man, who lives in a house near Longfellow Elementary, seemed to be disturbed.

It's illegal for a person to bring a gun onto school property, even with a concealed carry permit. The alternative high school is also located on the grounds of the Quentin Burdick Job Corps Center, which is on federal property.

The teens said that students have been told not to talk about the incident and some of the students at Souris River Campus have been disciplined for asking other students questions about it.

The teens also said that the school did not call the police about the incident. It was reported by a concerned neighbor.

Superintendent Mark Vollmer said Thursday he cannot comment regarding an ongoing investigation.