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There aren’t any girls in their class, so 3 seniors in a small ND school hope for a homecoming queen miracle

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Blaine Dulance (dark glasses), Tyler Gebro (far left, black t-shirt), Colby Kurtz (gray and red sweater) Tyler Gebro, Blaine Dulance and Colby Kurtz--the entire class of 2018 at Fairmount High School--make a pitch to Ellen DeGeneres to be their homecoming queen. Photo via screen capture.2 / 2

There are only three seniors graduating this year from Fairmount High School, and they’re all boys.

They try to have a good time with it, says their advisor, Eric Evenson. He says they’re a bit on the eccentric side. For their senior flower, for instance, they picked … a pine cone?

Yep. A pine cone.

“They’re best friends and mortal enemies at the same time,” Evenson jokes.

And they have a big problem. Or maybe it’s a small problem? “Small” as in, their class is so small they don’t have anyone to be homecoming queen.

So these pine cone pickers are getting creative. The boys – Blaine Dulance, Tyler Gebro and Colby Kurtz – star in an online video where they ask America’s queen of quirky daytime TV, Ellen DeGeneres, to be their homecoming queen.

“We were thinking, ‘maybe you have a bucket list,’ ” Kurtz says in the video.

“And maybe one of the things on your list is being homecoming queen,” Dulance adds.

If that doesn’t happen, the school has a couple of other creative contingency plans up their sleeve. One of them is called “Create-a-Queen.” It involves getting the seventh through 11th grade classes to name their own stand-in homecoming queens, a way to poke a little fun at the senior class that couldn’t.

The average class size in Fairmount is about seven or eight, Evenson says, and the school has a total of 95 students, so they have some experience in these matters. There’s been only one male in each of the last two graduating classes, so the election of kings has been a fait accompli.

But these boys won’t let their situation get them down. In the video, they introduce DeGeneres to the town of Fairmount, pop. 367, which, due to its placement in the far southeast corner of the state claims to be “where the sun shines first in North Dakota.” They’re on the sunny side of this situation, you could say.

Evenson says they might be cutting things a little close, considering how busy DeGeneres is. But they also know DeGeneres, who is known for delighting her fans with unexpected, good-natured acts, might not be able to pass up the opportunity.

“We have our fingers crossed that she’s available and wants to come to North Dakota,” Evenson says. “If she comes, she’ll get a crown. She’ll be in our yearbook.”

Sounds like a deal fit for a queen.

Kris Kerzman

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