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Minot school, contractor in talks over 6-year-old $1.9M flood cleanup bill


MINOT, N.D. -- The Minot Public School District is in the midst of settlement talks with ServPro, which suing the school district for $1.9 million in unpaid flood cleanup expenses.

Scott Porsborg, a lawyer representing the district, said Monday that he cannot comment further. Porsborg said no jury trial is currently scheduled after federal judge Daniel Hovland ruled on Sept. 11 that there was a contract in existence between the school district and ServPro and that the contract has been breached.

"The only remaining issue of material fact in dispute for the jury to resolve is regarding the resulting damages which flow from the breach," Hovland wrote in another ruling filed with the court last month.

A jury trial had been scheduled for Oct. 10 but was canceled after Hovland issued the ruling.

Settlement discussions were held last Friday, court records show. The Minot Public School Board will meet in executive session at 4 p.m., Thursday.

Storm Team Robbins, LLC, doing business as ServPro of the Seacoast, was hired by the district to clean up flood damaged schools following the Souris River flood in 2011. The Federal Emergency Management Agency reimbursed most of the expenses, but about $1.9 million was not reimbursed by FEMA. Minot Public Schools had alleged that Servpro's owner told the district that it would not charge anything over and above what FEMA paid. ServPro disputed that and sued for unreimbursed expenses.