WEST FARGO-A West Fargo woman says her garage door is destroyed and she thinks a plow is to blame.

In less than 24 hours, roads of the Eagle Run neighborhood turned into a hockey rink.

"This pickup didn't have four wheel drive and it found out real quick, came up on the curve on the sidewalk and everybody had to get out and help push it back on," said Dan Yatskis, of West Fargo.

One neighbor took to Facebook saying a plow truck slammed into her garage.

She called police who tell us they showed up at 12:09 Tuesday morning, Dec. 5.

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Tuesday, a friend helping the homeowner clean up this mess, who didn't want to go on camera, told us they don't know who did it.

We weren't able to confirm if the homeowner had hired a plow service to clear the driveway, but an investigator says tire tracks imply it was some kind of snow removal tractor.

Police in West Fargo are calling it a hit and run report, leaving holes in the walls and a garage door in shambles.

A representative with the City of West Fargo tells us it was not a Public Works snow plow.

Other than snow banks on his driveway, Dan says he's never had major issues with city plows.

"They're pretty proficient, they come as soon as they can," said Yatskis. "You know that they're coming because when they drop the blade, it just rumbles in your house."

The clean-up from Monday's blizzard proved easy for some in the metro while damaging for others.

West Fargo officers say if something like this happens to your home, immediately give them a call.

We've reached out to the homeowner for comment, but have yet to hear back.