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ND Supreme Court affirms peeper's sentencing

BISMARCK — In a unanimous opinion, the North Dakota Supreme Court affirmed former deputy U.S. marshal Michael Rivera's consecutive sentencing on peeping-related misdemeanor convictions.

Filed Monday, Jan. 22, and penned by Justice Jerod Tufte, the high court's ruling found that Rivera's consecutive sentences for three of the 10 misdemeanor convictions were in line with the separate nature of the crimes.

Rivera's crimes related to dressing room peeping in Bismarck. South Central District Judge Thomas Schneider sentenced him in June to three consecutive yearlong sentences and seven concurrent yearlong sentences with credit for 311 days served on nine of the convictions.

Appellant attorney Lloyd Suhr did not return a phone message for comment.

"We are very happy with the decision and believed that the court could impose consecutive sentences, which is why we made that recommendation to the court," said appellee Burleigh County Senior Assistant State's Attorney Julie Lawyer, regarding Monday's opinion.

Rivera, 30, is in federal prison until 2022 for a similar crime. His state sentences commence after his federal sentence.