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How to beat the heat at the Red River Valley Fair

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WEST FARGO, N.D.—High temps, the lack of shade, and big crowds are a recipe for heat sickness.

Our stormtracker team says Wednesday will be the hottest day of the week, with the heat index around one hundred.

Which is concerning for parents like Samantha Strand.

"It gets so hot that you're just sweating even just standing. It's hard to bring the kids out on a day that it's going to be a hundred degrees," Strand said.

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WDAY-TV spoke with the health professionals from FM Ambulance who said the key to staying cool is preparation and hydration.

"Make sure you drink a lot of water even before you come here staying hydrated ahead of time. Maybe you can bring a water bottle with you or something," said EMT Cali Richtsmeier.

Another great way to beat the heat is to lower your core body temperature.

The fair has a misting tent that does just that and Richtsmeier encourages people to use it.

"If you ever pass our misting tent stop for a minute and cool off," Richtsmeier added.

You can find it right next door to the sheriff's building at the south end of the midway.

Which is good for those concession workers too.

"Sometimes upwards of 100 degrees, but we do have some pretty good heat vents and sometimes air conditioning, depending on how much power we have. So otherwise try to drink a lot of water and stay cool that way," said long time concession worker Lauren Generous.

Hydration is priority and workers have easy access to water, but some fair-goers are frustrated with the availability of water fountains.

"It'd be nice if they had water fountains especially for kids cuz they get hot and thirsty and water is like three dollars a bottle here," Strand said.

The fair does have water fountains they're just not out in the open. You can find the fountains in various buildings around the fairgrounds and by some of the barns.