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WDAY-TV's Amy Unrau puts at-home gender reveal kit to the test

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FARGO - More parents are learning their baby's gender earlier in their pregnancy than ever before.

That's the case for our own WDAY-TV News reporter Amy Unrau.

She tried out an at home DNA test kits that are growing in popularity.

Babies have big eyes and chubby, pinchable cheeks, which can be almost irresistible to some. Science has even proved these cuteness factors can trigger a lot of joy, and maybe, even baby fever!

That's exactly what happened for Amy and her husband, Jody.

Once Amy was finally pregnant, she wanted to start planning for her bundle of joy.

But that can be tough, because she didn't know if she was having a boy or girl.

Enter: the Sneak Peek baby gender test.

The kits start at $79.99 and test for the X and Y chromosomes.

If you recall back to middle school science, only X chromosomes are for girls and XY are for boys.

Sneak Peek claims to be 99% accurate and can be done at just nine weeks of pregnancy.

That's 11 weeks before the average ultrasound.

As Amy found out, the Sneak Peek process was a little more intense than she thought.

She had to wash and then scrub her hands for several minutes.

No men could be around to contaminate the test.

Then, she had to do a finger prick, which was a little bigger, more painful and a lot more blood than she anticipated.

After that, it was time to ship it off and wait for the results.

A few days later, she got an email.

Amy and her husband decided to do a gender reveal with egg Russian roulette.

Six eggs were pink and six were blue.

All were hard boiled except for one raw egg, which showed the baby's gender.

A blue egg ended being raw, meaning Amy's having a boy!

Amy says that was extremely exciting news, but she still wasn't completely convinced.

For clarification, she turned to her doctor, Erica Argall, a Sanford OB/GYN.

"It's a fun thing to do, but don't name or decorate the nursery as a result," says Dr. Erica Argall.

Even though it may not be completely reliable, Dr. Argall says it is safe.

And if you really wanted, you could do a similar, expensive test in the hospital, but doctors don't necessarily like to recommend it for everyone.

Dr. Argall says, "There are some pregnancies that are a little more high risk. There's a test called non-invasive prenatal testing that actually views for other chromosome anomalies."

Since Amy didn't need that test, she still had to wait a few more weeks for her 20 week ultrasound.

When that day finally came, Amy says it was an overwhelming blessing to be able to see her little one and find out for sure what she's having.

The ultrasound technician was able to easily determine Amy's having a boy!

Amy says it was fun to confirm, but having the sneak peek definitely helped her type-A personality that likes to plan.

There are a number of at home gender DNA tests.

All in all, Amy says she'd recommend using one of them, if you like to plan and can handle the blood sample.

Amy Unrau

Amy is proud to be a Red River Valley native and cover stories that matter to her community. She was raised in Hallock, Minnesota and received her degree at the University of North Dakota where she participated in the student run TV show Studio One. In college, Amy met her husband, WDAY’s Jody Norstedt, while interning at WDAZ in Grand Forks. She started at WDAY in April 2014 and is currently WDAY'Z Xtra News at Nine's anchor and producer. Have a news idea? Amy would love to share your story or investigate an issue you’re concerned about.

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