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Missing Sargent County snake found alive

Shadow the sneaky snake found alive in their owners home.

FORMAN, ND -- Sargent County's biggest case in the last few months is finally solved.

A 6 to 7 foot python was reported missing over a week ago in Foreman.

Since then, hundreds of people have gotten in touch with the sheriff to try and track down the elusive animal.

The snake's owner found it on Saturday, August 4th on top of a cabinet in her home.

Throughout this whole ordeal, Sargent County officials learned there is an ordiance prohibiting people from keeping pythons as animals.

The sheriff is now working with the owner and other families in the area to find a new, legal home for it.

The sheriff's office says they want to thank the community, the snake's owner and everyone else who helped "solve the mystery."

We also learned the snake's name is Shadow.