WAHPETON N.D. - WDAY has learned the names of the three victims of a devastating explosion that shook rural Wahpeton on Saturday.

84-year-old Mavis Onchuck was killed in the explosion, while 22-year-old Cole Defries and 25-year-old Danielle Faller, were injured.

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Neighbors tell us Danielle Faller was a caregiver for Mavis.

WDAY has learned Faller and Defries have since been released from the hospital.

WDAY spoke with a relative that lives down the road from the house off camera.

He was one of the first people on the scene.

He tells us that debris was blown hundreds of feet in every direction.

The explosion happened 15 minutes outside of town.

Near the home, under a dirt road bridge flows a quiet, calm, almost relaxing river. But the destroyed home just off the bank, everything but peacefulness.

The explosion happened around nine o'clock on Saturday morning, interrupted the calmness.

Now, there's a local family trying to pick more than just the pieces of their Grandma's house.

You can see walls turned inside out, rafters burnt to a crisp and insulation hanging in the trees above.

Brett Pietron knows the family, "It's something you don't really expect to see happening you know it's just something that happens in the movies, when I heard about it, I was just shocked It's just insane that something like that would happen."

While the perimeter has been picked up, the interior of the home remains untouched as the investigation on what officially caused this chaos continues. But, WDAY called the Dwight Fire Chief who told us that there's really only one kind of thing that can cause this kind of explosion, a gas leak.

"It can happen and I think a lot of people are really feeling it," said Pietron.

If you're worried that your family or your house might be at risk of one of these gas leaks they do make special alarms for it. Now, I don't if this house had one of these alarms, but I do know you can pick one up at your local hardware store for just about fifty bucks.

"They've gotten to a point where they're very accurate, they'll alert you, they'll let you know the concentration, they'll give you a chance to get out or get it shut off so you can call the gas company and they'll come out and shut it off for you. Just to keep yourself safe and get your family out," said Pietron, who also sells these alarms.

They detect smoke, carbon, monoxide, natural gas and propane.

"You can put a price tag on your house, but you can't put a price tag on your family," Said Pietron.