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West Fargo emergency vehicles taking roads less-traveled

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WEST FARGO—The construction on Sheyenne in West Fargo is affecting many, and that includes emergency vehicles, which is forcing them to get creative.

Both the West Fargo Police and Fire departments tell WDAY News that they are finding alternative routes for traffic, including residential streets.

"It's pretty difficult with the trucks coming out of this station," West Fargo Fire Chief Dan Fuller said.

The West Fargo Fire Department south station is situated right in between 32nd and 26th Avenues, where Sheyenne Street is closed off. They have two entrances made just for them.

When danger calls, it's quicker to use residential streets, especially given their location.

"People in this neighborhood might see fire trucks more often because this is where the full-time crew for West Fargo is, they're the first truck out for every call," Fuller says.

Michael Harsche and his family have lived in the area for a year, and they know nothing different from the construction they live by.

"We're pretty used to construction all around us," West Fargo resident Michael Harsche said. "I don't hear them so much in the house, sometimes when we're out here at the park for instance I do, but that's usually the only time, we're pretty used to."

And with a growing city, comes growing pains. Construction may be a necessary evil, but safety for all departments doesn't take a back seat.

"Taking alternate routes, we have to try and move things around a little bit, but with people's help and people getting out of the way we can still make it to our calls in the needed amount of time," West Fargo Police Chief Jerry Bayer said.

The fire chief also says there's been an increase in service calls for the department, but it's nothing out of the ordinary, especially with a booming city like West Fargo.