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Hundreds gather to talk technology

Companies collaborate at 10th Annual nVision 2018 event about new, up-and-coming technology

Hundreds of people headed over to the Avalon today to collaborate and discuss the world of technology.

It was the nVision 2018 event. It draws in hundreds of people each year with nearly two dozen companies coming from across the country to introduce their up and coming technology.

Network Center Inc.'s Marketing Manager, Jenn Rothschiller, said the community comes to the conference to check out some of the new products hitting the market.

"They love it, obviously," Rothschiller said. "It's techy, it's nerdy, right? So we try to actually make it exciting with our production company with the lights and make it feel like a big city conference."

The event has been held for the last 10 years but more and more people from the community have been coming within the last five.

Director of Business Development and Marketing with Network Center Inc., Brad Maczkowicz, said the event is meant to give people and companies ideas as technology continues to advance at a fast pace.

"We joke about it - it advances faster than you can even try to keep up with, right?" Maczkowicz said. "So everyone knows everything is going mobile and people are working remote and there's no more cords connected to everything. So it is changing ridiculously fast."

Around 350 people attended the event.