Feb. 15, 1979 brought the first real snowstorm of the winter to the West Fargo. The front page of the Pioneer showed residents shoveling or snow-blowing their way through some pretty impressive drifts. The storm followed the pattern of our recent storms with the temperature falling as the as the snow moved out. On Feb. 17 the posted low temperature of minus 30 was a record for that date.

In Feb. 2004, the Pioneer featured a photo of West Fargo football stand-out Tyler Roehl signing his letter of intent to play NDSU Bison. In Roehl's junior and senior seasons, the Packer football team had a 23-1 record, won two consecutive state championships, and Roehl was named Most Outstanding Senior by the Class AAA coaches. As a Bison player from 2004-2008, Roehl ran for over 2,500 yards. After spending the last several years as a Bison coach Roehl was recently announced as their Offensive Coordinator.