The West Fargo Citizen's Advisory Committee held a public meeting at City Hall in March 1979. They had been tasked by the City Commission to gather citizen input on what forms of entertainment should be allowed in taverns. Nearly 100 attendees were evenly divided on the question of whether go-go dancers should be banned. The city was preparing for the new state law allowing cities to dictate the entertainment provided in taverns which would go into effect in July.

March 2004 was a great time for the North Dakota Army National Guard 142nd Engineering Battalion, their families and friends. Two groups from the 142nd returned from Iraq, the first contingent arriving March 13. Things were interesting for the second wave. Their charted flight from Colorado Springs got to Fargo early and had to circle waiting for an opening to land. By the time one was available, a snow storm forced them to go back to Colorado where the de-iced and came back to a welcome from fellow soldiers and hundreds of well-wishers.