In late March 1984 the West Fargo School Board directed Supt. Marvin Leidal to go through legal counsel to request an extensive cleaning of rooms in the High School and South Elementary after some rooms in both buildings tested positive for asbestos after it had been removed during the summer. They also wanted independent testing after the cleaning. The West Fargo Education Association request they bring in a medical expert to answer the teachers concerns about the health risks.

As March 2009 drew to a close, the front page of the Pioneer featured a photo of the Westside Elementary Principal Beth Slette (now Superintendent of the West Fargo School District) helping K-2 students from Harwood Elementary move into Westside. Those in grades three through five were housed in the Lodoen Center using one adult ed. room, a community room and two rooms in the West Fargo Public Library. Estimates for the flood closure at Harwood ranged up to three or four weeks.