West Fargo and Riverside voters approved the Park District and the library requests for increased funding on April 3, 1984.

The Library needed a 60 percent yes vote on a mill levy increase to qualify for a grant from the state to expand their very overcrowded building. After falling 7 votes in November, 67 percent of those voting in April voted yes. The Park District only need a simple majority for their levy increase but received a 64 percent approval.

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In the first week of April 1989 was a tense time for Sheyenne River watchers. Residents were encouraged to be prepared for a crest approaching the 1969 level of 21.7 feet. Tuesday, April 4, the river level 20.65 feet. An ice jam was holding back water north of Horace that would have to pass through West Fargo. Fortunately, none of the worst case scenarios materialized. The Tuesday morning's reading turned out to be the crest.