As the school year 1968-69 was drawing to a close, the Pioneer, gave extensive attention to the West Fargo School District. The L. E. Berger Middle School was completing its first full year as a middle school. The articles and photos pointed out the advantages of having three school populations that were all closer to the same age and the virtues of the open floor plan at Berger. The three tier elementary, middle, and high school structure is still in place in the district 50 years later.

On May 11, 1994 the Pioneer front page showed a circle of young men wearing football jerseys and smiling down at the camera. They had a reason to be happy. Bob Erickson, Chris Grefsrud, Sam Wedll, Don Kern, Kelly Greger and Arrick Olson had raised the $12,000 necessary to go to Australia for the "Down Under Bowl."