In 1979, one of the headlines on the front page of the Pioneer read, "Water amuses ducks." They appeared to be the only happy ones around. One of the other headlines read, "Discontented crowd asks action on flood control" referring to a meeting held by the Army Corps of Engineers that had to relocate because 150 people planned for turned out to be 300. Another group was organizing to plan for protection for West Fargo.

In 2004, when Fargo moved to annex 1,342 acres of Stanley Township immediately north of Horace, residents petitioned to be annexed by Horace because they were more compatible with their rural lifestyle. When Fargo's claim was found to be based on an incorrect map and Horace's later filing used the correct map, the dispute ended up in East Central District Court. In May of 2004 Judge Norman Backes ruled in favor of Horace, but more litigation was ahead.