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Traffic signal falls on woman's truck in downtown Bismarck

BISMARCK -- A traffic signal fell on a woman's truck at a downtown Bismarck intersection over the weekend, police reported Tuesday, Jan. 16.

Bismarck Police Sgt. Mark Buschena said a 30-year-old Mandan woman was driving her 2003 GMC Sierra when she saw the traffic signal pole begin to tilt. She reportedly slammed on her brakes but was unable to stop in time.

She was uninjured, but her truck reportedly sustained $10,000 in damages, including a shattered windshield from the traffic lights, scratches and dents to the front grill, hood, fender and passenger door.

The traffic signal pole sustained $25,000 in damages, according to Buschena.

Paul Lies, electrical department supervisor with Bismarck public works, said the pole was rusted on the inside but that wasn't apparent from its exterior. The pole has not yet been replaced.

He added that the particular type of traffic signal pole that fell is no longer allowed by the city. Now the city uses newer poles with doors to view inside, he said.

Lies also said he spoke with one of his employees Tuesday about acquiring a device to view the inside of older poles.