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West Fargo Police officer's act of kindness doesn't go unnoticed

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WEST FARGO—A Facebook post is getting hundreds of shares and over a thousand likes after an act of kindness was taken to the next level.

Saturday night turned into trouble for Alyssa Gallegos and her family after they became stranded in the middle of town.

Their truck ran out of gas.

After a call to a friend for help, more than 20 minutes passed without heat, in -28 fahrenheit windchill.

"We were debating whether to go back to the apartment or take the check to the gas station," said Alyssa Gallegos.

That's when West Fargo PD's Aaron Ostlund saw the vehicle and checked in on them.

Even offered to bring them to the nearest gas station several blocks away.

An offer Gallegos said shows that the officer went above and beyond to make sure this family was taken care of.

"That was really nice of him. Because he could have just sat there and been like 'Okay, well you guys have a good rest of your day,'" said Gallegos.

But she says the kindness didn't stop there.

He then paid for the gas, another small notion greatly appreciated by the family.

"He put it on his card and I offered to pay him cash back, and he said 'don't worry about it'. Just helped us out that way," said Nick Lindell.

While the truck was being filled, Officer Ostlund made sure the family was safe and warm.

"After they got the picture taken, Officer Ostlund asked him if he wanted stickers, and he was like 'Yeah that'd be great'. So he gave him a bunch instead of just one it was nice," said Gallegos.

Gallegos then took to Facebook and thanked the officer for his generosity.

Now, that post has over 1,000 likes, and 250 shares.

"More concerned than he needed to be, and that's what I appreciated the most," said Gallegos.

Officer Ostlund wasn't available for the story, because he was working.

But those who know him, said this is nothing out of the ordinary for him.