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17-year-old bicyclist struck by vehicle while crossing the street in West Fargo

WEST FARGO — A 17-year-male was injured this afternoon, Aug. 24, when his bicycle was hit by a vehicle in West Fargo, according to a West Fargo Police Department news release.

A vehicle traveling south along First Street struck the bicyclist at around 2:50 p.m. as he crossed the intersection of First Street and Third Avenue.

Vehicles parked along First Street prevented the driver and the 17-year-old from seeing each other, police said.

Sgt. Patrick Hanson with West Fargo police said the 17-year-old didn't have any serious or life-threatening injuries due to the incident. His family came and picked him up from the scene, Hanson said.

According to the news release, police don't know if the bicyclist will seek medical care.