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Train hits car stuck in snow near Page, N.D.

PAGE, N.D. — No one was injured when a train collided with a car near Page early Friday, Feb. 8, according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

A Mazda 3 became stuck in a snow bank at a railroad crossing on North Dakota Highway 38, about a half mile south of Page, the patrol said.

At about 3:15 a.m., as the three occupants of the Mazda were trying to push the car off the railroad crossing, an eastbound BNSF train struck the car, the patrol said.

The train crew tried to make an emergency stop, but the mile-long train could not stop in time. "The train collided with the Mazda, catapulting the Mazda into the railroad right of way east of Hwy. 38," the patrol said in a statement.

The three occupants of the Mazda managed to safely get away from the car and were not hurt. The two members of the train crew were also uninjured.

The railroad crossing was blocked for several hours after the crash. At the time of the crash, a no-travel advisory was in effect.

Page is a Cass County town about 50 miles northwest of Fargo.