WEST FARGO — An 8-year-old West Fargo boy took home a big award from law enforcement Monday night for wearing his bicycle helmet when he was struck by an SUV in June.

Donte Bravecrow was seriously injured when he was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike near West Fargo's L.E. Berger Elementary School.

According to police, the driver of the vehicle was making a left turn through an intersection when he hit Donte, who had stopped at a corner and then rode his bike in front of the vehicle. After he was hit, Donte lay trapped underneath the vehicle with a skull fracture and a number of orthopedic injuries.

He fought through intensive care, a slew of injuries and a road to recovery that proved a heavy lift for a boy that little, but in the end, he proved he was his own hero.

"We want to recognize those people that probably wouldn't be here if they weren't doing the right thing, in this case, Donte's case, he was wearing a helmet, and his helmet saved his life. And if he wasn't wearing his helmet that day we would be telling a different story today," Captain Bryan Niewind said.

Troopers with the North Dakota State Patrol say Donte deserves the award for his decision to wear a helmet that day. It's a move doctors said saved Donte's head from receiving the damage that destroyed his bike helmet.

Donte also received a trooper hat, some sticker badges and a toy replica cruiser. Niewind said in his 20 years as a trooper serving the cities of Jamestown, Valley City and Fargo that this is only the third time he recalls handing out a Saved by the Helmet Award.

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