FARGO — A defamation lawsuit brought against the Oxbow Golf Club by a West Fargo man, alleging the country club and other individuals damaged his reputation by spreading false rumors that he engaged in “rampant use of cocaine" at the club, is headed for trial in July.

Aaron Greterman, a real estate agent, filed the suit in January 2018 against the club as well as club board members Bill Short of Fargo, Britton Mattson and David Campbell, both of Horace, N.D.

Greterman is seeking more than $50,000 in damages, alleging that the defendants slandered his name by claiming he used cocaine and offered it to others at the golf course, and that by defaming him, hurt him economically, court papers show.

The complaint also lists two defendants who are “unidentifiable at this time,” and an amended complaint filed in August 2018, named club board members Scott Differding and Roger Campbell, both of Oxbow, N.D., as two additional defendants.

In court papers, Greterman said that while playing golf at the club as a guest, he consumed a small amount of a retail product called "doTERRA Lime," described as an essential oil from the peel of fresh limes that can be taken as drops under the tongue or mixed in a drink. He later learned he was banned from the club because of alleged cocaine use, court papers said.

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Attorneys for both sides appeared in Cass County District Court on Tuesday, June 25, and went over procedural details for the upcoming trial.

Judge Steven Marquart granted a nine-person jury for the trial at Tuesday’s hearing, and he intends to reach a conclusion on the remaining matters in the case as the trial date approaches.

The trial is slated to start July 16 and is expected to last 10 days.