FARGO — A case involving the death of a woman that was reported in Fargo on May 27 and which police initially treated as suspicious is now closed after the death was ruled a suicide.

Fargo police were sent to the 3300 block of 15th Avenue South on May 27 after a man called 911 to report that he found his live-in girlfriend deceased in a bedroom closet in the apartment the couple shared.

According to documents filed in Cass County District Court in connection with a search warrant, the man told police he found his girlfriend hanging in the closet and that a 911 dispatcher had instructed him to let her down.

The man also told police he and the woman had been dating since December and that they arrived in the Fargo area in late April, making separate trips by bus from New York.

The man also shared with investigators that he left New York to get away from the life of drugs and alcohol he had been living and that he recently had become tired of his girlfriend’s drug and alcohol use, according to court documents.

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Investigators saw “many suspicious things" with the case, including that the woman appeared to have been deceased longer than the time period suggested by the man who reported finding her body, court documents said.

Police also said one of the woman’s earrings, described as a butterfly earring, was found on the floor in the middle of the bedroom, which could have been the result of a struggle, according to court documents. There was a hole punched in a wall outside of the bedroom, which the man who reported finding the woman’s body said was a hole he punched while fighting with the woman a couple of weeks prior, court documents said.

Also, the woman’s eyes did not show obvious indications of petechiae, the medical term for small broken blood vessels officials typically expect to find in hanging deaths, court documents said.

However, the police investigation into the case was recently closed after autopsy findings determined the woman died from asphyxia by hanging and the manner of death in the case was listed as suicide. The final police report said there was no evidence of other significant trauma to the body.