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Andover man busted in underage sex sting in West Fargo

Ryan Dostal

FARGO — An Andover, Minn., man is charged with luring a minor by computer for allegedly trying to use an electronic device to invite someone under the age of 15 to engage in sex acts.

According to court documents filed this week in Cass County District Court:

West Fargo police were conducting an undercover sting using a Craigslist ad for an "older for younger sexual fantasy."

This led police to communicate with a man who said he wanted to give oral sex to the 14-year-old girl he thought he was communicating with, but the "girl" was actually a police officer.

The man said he would meet the girl at a grocery store parking lot, and police later stopped a vehicle driven by Ryan Dostal, 39, of Andover. After Dostal was identified, he was allowed to go on his way.

Police then reviewed the earlier electronic communication, some of which included photos Dostal allegedly sent the investigator, which included a picture of himself, and another meeting was set up.

Dostal arrived at the agreed upon parking lot on Friday, Nov. 17, in the same vehicle he had been driving the night before when he was stopped the first time. Police then arrested him, court documents stated.

Dostal's attorney, David Dusek, declined to comment on the case.