FARGO – A woman was sentenced to 60 days after pleading guilty to exploitation of a vulnerable adult and theft of property for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her elderly mother.

Caroline Conrad, who will be allowed to serve her sentence on electronic home monitoring, was also ordered to pay restitution. She entered guilty pleas and was sentenced Monday, Jan. 22.

Prosecutors say the amount she will be responsible for paying back will top $500,000.

The case in Cass County District Court began in 2015, when Conrad was charged with exploitation of a vulnerable adult and theft.

Prosecutors alleged Conrad stole about $450,000 that her mother, Monica Morrell, had placed in a credit union account they had shared access to so it would be easier for her daughter to help her manage her finances.

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However, a judge later dismissed the charges, finding that the language in the application setting up the joint account unambiguously established that anyone named on the account was an owner.

Prosecutors appealed the case, and the North Dakota Supreme Court overturned the judge's ruling, leading to charges being reinstated.