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Open felony cases for AmericInn robbery suspects lead to high bail

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FARGO —Both of the current suspects appeared in court, but it's not the first time they've gone through Cass County's justice system.

Behind the dense brick walls of the county courthouse, a judge set Robert Peightal's bail at $250,000 Monday afternoon.

Jordan Plouffe's bail is also costly, but not nearly as high, set at $100,000.

WDAY News dug into their criminal history to find out why their bail is six digits long.

From drugs to felony charges, Peightal's journey in the world of crime goes back five years in Cass County.

A felony terrorizing charge from April is still open.

The criminal complaint dug up by WDAY News says Peightel pointed a gun at a woman and threatened to kill her.

There is now a no-contact order between this woman and Peightel according to court records.

The 22-year-old was with a group of people and Jordan Plouffe is one of them.

This 19-year-old's criminal history is not nearly as elaborate as Peightal's, only going back two years.

One of them is an open felony case from December, accusing him of stealing a firearm.

In court, the State's Attorney and judge brought up the criminal pasts when talking about how much their bail should be and why one is set higher than the other.

The fact that someone died in this robbery also played a major role in deciding the amount.

"They're all acquainted with each other, the people who were involved in the robbery and the victims of the robbery," Fargo Lt. Shannon Ruziska said in a press conference earlier Monday morning.

A woman in the courtroom, who says she's Peightal's girlfriend, thinks the $150,000 difference in bail is not fair.

Keep in mind, neither of them is facing murder charges since police believe Alan Bear is technically the one who killed Jacob Dirks.

"We believe that he acted in defense of others and we would not be in a position to support a prosecution against Alan Bear," said Cass County State's Attorney Birch Burdick in the same press conference.

A member of the WDAY News team sent a Facebook message to an account with Alan Bear's name and picture, asking if he'd tell his side of the story.

He has not responded yet.