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Squirrel shot with crossbow spooks north Fargo neighborhood

This photo of a dead squirrel was posted on the private social media platform Nextdoor. Residents in the Horace Mann neighborhood of Fargo shared comments on the website reflecting their concerns about a crossbow possibly being used in the area. Special to The Forum

FARGO — People living in a north Fargo neighborhood are upset about a gruesome find that recently came to light: the remains of a squirrel that appeared to have died from a crossbow arrow.

The incident was the subject of a discussion on the Nextdoor private social media site, where a number of people from the Horace Mann area of Fargo were talking about it over the past several days.

Fargo police confirmed they received a report on Sunday, Sept. 9, from a caller who said their young child found a dead squirrel in their backyard with a crossbow bolt in it.

No report was written up, but an officer advised the caller to call back if more of the same activity was seen.

Police do not know where the squirrel was shot, or by whom.

Fargo city code prohibits the killing of squirrels inside city limits, and a crossbow is defined as a dangerous weapon that is illegal to carry, possess and or discharge inside city limits.

"I let my 4-year-old play in our backyard this afternoon and she brought to our attention a dead squirrel," one Nextdoor writer posted earlier this week.

The post prompted a number of responses, including this one:

"I hope that anyone else who finds another will post also, so that this person can be identified and prosecuted. They've done it once, at least, they'll do it again, and all of us are at risk who might be in the vicinity."