WEST FARGO — A Fargo man has been accused of stealing money from a gaming association in West Fargo so he could pay his rent and keep his family from ending up on the streets.

Tyler Earl Mollner, 25, was arraigned Friday, Oct. 25, on a Class C felony of theft after police accused him of stealing $6,300 from the West Fargo Hockey Association. He could face up to five years in prison if found guilty.

Court documents allege Mollner finished working his shift Aug. 14 at a gaming site for the association at Rookies Sports Bar in West Fargo when he drove to another association gaming site at the Blarney Stone Pub, about a mile south of Rookies in West Fargo.

Mollner put on a disguise he bought two days before, went into Blarney Stone to the gaming site inside the pub, opened the safe and removed the cash, the criminal complaint alleged.

Investigators said Mollner tried to prevent cameras from seeing him and he drove to a rural area to dispose of the disguise. The complaint also said he used the money to pay rent that was past due “in hopes of his family not being (thrown) out on the street.”

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The Forum was unable to reach Mollner for comment.