WEST FARGO — West Fargo Police have arrested a man who is believed to have been stealing packages from homes in the River's Bend neighborhood.

On Friday, April 10, West Fargo Police Department officers received multiple reports of stolen packages in the southern West Fargo neighborhood. Through video and eyewitnesses, officers were able to get a vehicle description and a license plate number.

It was sheer coincidence that Nick Waverek and his family were home when two people brazenly stole packages right off their front porch. Luckily, the theft was recorded on their doorbell camera.

"We got an alert on our doorbell cam that someone had been here, and we checked it and we were surprised they got out of here so fast," Waverek said.

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Using the Ring security app, Facebook and the West Fargo Police Department, the suspected thieves were quickly identified. The neighborhood of River's Bend worked together to find suspects.

Two suspects caught on a Ring doorbell camera in West Fargo. Submitted photo.
Two suspects caught on a Ring doorbell camera in West Fargo. Submitted photo.

"The doorbell app just published out to the community and shared. People were posting on social media and everyone was aware of what was going on pretty quickly." Waverek said.

Once the people in the community viewed the video from the Ring security app it became a community effort to find the thieves. They talked to each other and it wasn't long before West Fargo police arrested Anthony John Michael Springer, 28.

On Saturday, April 11, the Fargo Police Department responded to the Ramada Hotel on 13th Avenue South in Fargo for a report of a suspicious vehicle. Since the vehicle matched the report where West Fargo Police had identified as the suspect's vehicle, West Fargo responded to the call and found evidence of the thefts as well as some of the reportedly stolen packages.

Police are still searching for the second suspect.

But the West Fargo police say it was the shared effort to find the suspects that lead to a successful arrest.

"Having residents in the area gathering evidence for us and Fargo police keeping an eye out for the car — just a community effort to identify the people responsible for this and bringing them to justice for everybody," said Jeff Boyer, assistant chief for the West Fargo Police Department.

And Waverek's door camera operated by the Ring Security app even recorded West Fargo police walking up to the house with the recovered packages.

Police arrested 28-year-old Anthony John Michael Springer, who was taken to the Cass County Jail.

According to a release from West Fargo Police, he was arrested on an outstanding warranty and additional charges are expected.

The case remains under investigation by the West Fargo Police.