WEST FARGO — An employee who was allegedly the victim of an armed robbery at a West Fargo Jimmy John's sandwich shop Tuesday, June 9, told police he knew the suspect and was coerced into working as an accomplice in the crime.

According to documents filed Friday in Cass County District Court, the employee admitted he had a role in the staged robbery after telling detectives that no gun was used in the crime. The employee said he and two others were involved in staging the robbery and had planned to split the money three ways, documents said. The employee reportedly got $100 for his participation.

It's not clear yet if the employee will face charges, but officers on Thursday arrested a different man, 29-year-old Camaron Starr, of Fargo, in connection to what police are now calling a conspiracy to steal money from the shop.

Officers were dispatched to a report of an armed robbery around 7:45 p.m. Tuesday at the Jimmy John's off of Veteran's Boulevard near Costco. The employee initially told police that a man entered the store, pointed a handgun at him and demanded money. The employee complied with demands and put money into a backpack brought into the store by the robber, police said.

The suspect, who was originally described as a light-skinned 5-foot-6 African American male, left out the back door, got into a white vehicle and drove west into the nearby River's Bend development where he abandoned the vehicle.

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Police connected the vehicle to Starr, who was cited for driving it with a suspended license in early May, and brought him in for questioning. Starr told investigators that he heard about the robbery and knew the employee who was allegedly the victim, according to court documents.

After being brought in for questioning, the employee also told detectives that Starr came up with the idea of staging the crime and told him someone would come to the store to get money, documents said. The employee said he was coerced but not threatened into working with Starr.

Starr was arrested Thursday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit theft. Charges including conspiracy to commit theft and false reports to law enforcement are pending against the individual who reported the crime, police said.