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School building referendum passes by wide margin

It required a 60 percent majority to pass, but received quite a bit more.

On Tuesday, the West Fargo School District successfully got the public's consent for an $82.5 million building bond referendum. It was the third time the district had tried to pass a bond referendum in as many years.

But what failed to meet the grade in past elections was accepted by flying colors this go-round. By final tally, 70 percent of more than 7,400 votes cast favored the proposed plan.

During a special meeting of the school board Tuesday, official numbers from voters were presented for approval. Those numbers from the six polling sites were:

• Harwood City Hall: 184 "yes" votes out of 370 votes cast for 49.73 percent approval rating.

• Veterans Memorial Arena: 2,046 "yes" votes out of 3,081 total votes for 66.41 percent approval.

• Westside Elementary School: 806 "yes" votes out of 1,214 votes cast for 66.39 percent approval.

• Aurora Elementary School: 622 "yes" votes out of 700 total votes for 88.86 percent approval.

• Sheyenne 9th Grade Center: 972 "yes" votes out of 1,219 total votes cast for 79.74 percent approval.

• Horace Senior Center: 388 "yes" votes out of 599 total for 64.77 percent approval.

There also were 237 total absentee votes cast, with 176 voting "yes" for a 74.26 percent approval.

For more on the bond vote, as well as what's next for West Fargo Public Schools, pick up a copy of the June 1 edition of the West Fargo Pioneer and News.