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More than 3,000 new Bison members move into their dorms

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The herd is on the move, and by that we mean it's move-in day at NDSU.

Students, parents and volunteers flooded campus on Saturday to help move in the student body.

Twelve years of school, hours of studying and countless memories all lead up to this.

""I'm ready for it." says Caleb Boehm, one of the 3,000 newbies to campus.

All the excitement surrounding move-in day gave this NDSU Freshman a restless mind and a sleepless night.

"You know there's kind of a realization that last night I was like wow this gonna be the last time I sleep in this bed for awhile, but I'm mostly excited so yeah," says Boehm.

Caleb's parents are both NDSU alums.

His mom, Mary, doesn't remember move-in day being nearly this efficient.

"It wasn't like this twenty years ago when we moved in. It was you dropped your stuff off and everybody carried in their own stuff and now we have all these volunteers," says Mary.

Upperclassmen volunteers help haul in these boxes.

A big responsibilty, considering this is precious cargo.

"Kinda crazy. It was fun getting all my stuff together and you know kind of packing my life into a couple cars and it'll be fun moving it in," says Boehm.

Moving in can be chaotic, and it's only human nature to be forgetful during a frenzy.

"I'm hoping we have everything, but I'm assuming there will be a couple things. I know I forgot laundry detergent so he'll need some laundry detergent," says Mary.

The beauty of move-in day at NDSU is, you don't have to go to the Wal-marts or the Targets. You can find all your dorm essentials right here at the bookstore's tent, the tent they call the pop-up shop.

It's the first time the university is trying this solution to 'freshmen forgetfulness.'

A nice way to help transition these baby Bison into the next chapter of their lives.

The Director of Resident Life at NDSU says that around 3,000 students moved into the dorms today before 1 p.m. on Saturday.