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West Fargo Public Library waives late fees for children's material; adds e-cards

The West Fargo Public Library.

WEST FARGO — The West Fargo Public Library added two new services to make it easier for parents and community members to access services. The library began offering an electronic library card service and will now waive late fees for children's materials.

As of Oct. 1, the West Fargo Public Library will no longer charge late fees on most children's materials, including books, audiobooks and magazines.

Fees will still be charged for lost, missing or damaged items and for overdue items checked out from the rest of the library.

The library also waives late fees for children.

The new e-cards are for users who may be unable to visit the physical library, e-cards grant 24/7 access to digital materials such as eBooks, magazines and audiobooks using a variety of online tools.

Residents and property owners in West Fargo, the West Fargo School District (which includes parts of Fargo, Horace, Harwood and Reile's Acres) and employees of West Fargo Public Schools or the City of West Fargo are eligible to apply for an e-card.

Full-access library card holders need not apply for an e-card, as they already have access to such services in addition to being able to check out physical items from the library.

The West Fargo Library is located at 109 3rd St. E.

Visit for more information about library services, cards, fees and events.