The night of August 29, 1979 the night watchman at the Cargil construction site in Riverside reported seeing a dim blue light and a bright, flashing light. “It came out of the south, went north and then circled.” Other similar lights came out of the north and the south. In the morning, no evidence was found. However, two nights earlier near Warren, MN, a “UFO” swept down on a deputy sheriff’s car leaving the deputy unconscious and the vehicle damaged.

When school opened Aug. 29, 1984h, about 50 more students had appeared than the ­125 that had been expected. Fortunately, there had been extra space the previous year. The future was especially problematic for the High School. There were 975 students in a facility designed for 950. Something would need to be done to add space; there were 140 more students in the seventh and eighth grades at the middle school than there were juniors and seniors at the overcrowded High School.

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