WEST FARGO — The West Fargo School District had 11,501 students on its first day of the 2019-20 school year, Tuesday, Aug. 27, a growth spurt of 420 more students than last year.

By comparison, Fargo Public Schools reported 11,513 students in grades K-12 after its first day of school on Aug. 22. Fargo schools had 68 more students on its first day than last year.

West Fargo's enrollment numbers included 1,043 registered kindergartners, who will begin classes on Thursday, Aug. 29.

Harwood Elementary School will start classes on Sept. 3 due to construction delays at the site. Numbers released Tuesday included 129 students registered to start school in Harwood, said Stephanie Hansen, a spokeswoman for the West Fargo School District.

The enrollment numbers are expected to fluctuate through September, and official total enrollment numbers will be released in October, Hansen said.

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While the district didn't top Fargo enrollment this year, it is inching closer, as it continues to add about 400 to 500 students per year. Bismarck Public Schools remains the largest district in the state, with 13,312 students in grades K-12 counted on its first day of school.

Last year, West Fargo counted 11,081 students in grades K-12 on the first day of school. In 2017, West Fargo reported an enrollment of 10,635 students.

West Fargo's school district encompasses the towns of Horace and Harwood, and parts of southwest Fargo.

West Fargo projections say the district will continue to grow by 400-600 students per year, through 2025. In 1993-1994, enrollment was 4,755 students.