When West Fargo High School Principal Marvin Leidal was chosen to be the new superintendent in 1979, there was a scramble to find a new Principal. A committee representing a broad range of West Fargoans recommended Cass Valley North High School Principal Michael Drew. Drew would serve as Principal until his retirement in 1998. During his tenure the school district grew form 3264 students to 4827, a 48% increase and a new, modern high school was built in 1988.

The Sept. 28, 1999 the Pioneer front page announced, “Community-minded law firm marks 60 years.” That’s still a very apt description for Ohnstad Twichell. Manfred Ohnstad, from Argusvillle, set up his first law office in the Village of Southwest after he received his law degree from the University of Minnesota. In 1955 he was joined by Daniel “Dick” Twichell a Mapleton native and UND Law graduate. They were partners until Ohnstad retired in 1983. The firm has grown over the years but the focus on community remains. One of their most important achievements was doing the legal work on the Sheyenne River Diversion.

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