On Nov. 12, 1969 approximately 35 local and state leaders met in West Fargo addressing the Kindred Dam on the Sheyenne River.

“It was generally agreed that the opposition based on inaccurate information must be thwarted and that efficient means of informing the public on the facts of proposed dam should be found.” The proposed dam’s cost was $20 million.

In 2004, after the “controversial” firing of the executive director and the resignation of the secretary, the Cass County Historical Society brought a consultant with experience in working with non-profit organizations. They discussed the strengths and weaknesses of Bonanzaville; the tens of thousands of artifacts that could become more of a liability than an asset without professional attention, the short season, the largely volunteer staff. The Chamber of Commerce partnered with the Historical Society to bring back the Christmas lights to Bonanzaville.

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