In September 1984, the front page of the Pioneer announced “Stench suffocates city” and explained how Held Beef was having difficulties maintain an acceptable balance in the sewage lagoons north of the city. In the second week of December the Department of Environmental Engineering of the North Dakota State Health Department tested the odor concentration. With a reading of 2 being acceptable, Held Beef’s readings were 7. The State requested Held Beef to submit a plan to fix the situation and a re-submission of their permission to operate.

In the second week of December 1994 the headline “Annexation” followed with the question, “Can a spirit of cooperation between the cities of West Fargo and Fargo resolve annexation issues recently being considered for the city’s extraterritorial area?” The residents of Section 21 of Barnes Township had petitioned to be annexed into Fargo even though half of the section was in West Fargo’s extraterritorial area. This was not the first property dispute between the two cities and it would not be the last.

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