In the Dec. 20, 1989, Pioneer Editor Karen Huber used parts of three pages and several photos to tell a “feel-good” story for the holidays with the title “Little Lady … Big Heart” It chronicled the first 25 years of Dorene Tollefson’s career as owner-operator of Dorene’s Snip & Snarl Beauty Salon. Over the years she has cultivated close relationships with many of her clients. “When I go to hair shows, I see people who have worked 50 to 60 years. I will be one of those people.”

In late 2002 the city of Fargo filed a motion to annex Stanley Township, south of 52nd Avenue and east of the Sheyenne River. Later, Horace filed citing errors on the map Fargo had used. In May Judge Norman Backes agreed and it went to the Supreme Court. In early 2006 a mediator appointed by the Supreme Court came to Fargo and spent hours with all the interested parties. No one got exactly what they wanted but most got something they could accept.

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