WEST FARGO — A West Fargo teacher who resigned at the end of the 2019 school year says he left his job because of his frustrations with discipline and safety in the middle school he worked at.

In a video posted to YouTube Friday, Feb. 7, former Liberty Middle School English teacher Anthony Bryant detailed a number of incidents where he claims school administrators did not back teachers in discipline matters.

Bryant, who spent four years of his nine-year teaching career at Liberty, described multiple incidents, including one where he was called into a meeting with both principals after getting angry with a student he coached on the basketball team for skipping class.

Bryant said he and the two principals watched security camera footage that appeared to show him yelling at a student.

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"They didn't like the look on my face and the fact that I openly admitted: 'Yes, sometimes teachers get angry,'" Bryant said.

In another incident, Bryant said he heard about one of his students hitting another student when he was away at professional development in April. When he emailed the school about the issue, administrators said nothing, Bryant said.

"A kid leaves a class, goes and hits another kid, and we're not going to do anything about it?" he added. "That scares kids."

In a Friday statement, West Fargo Public Schools spokesperson Heather Leas said administrators hadn’t seen the video and that it would be against protocol for the district to comment on a personnel matter.

Bryant hopes his video will help bring other teachers forward and set a better example for his son and other students.

"My son is 13, and I do not want him to grow up thinking, 'You know what, just sweep it under the rug, let someone else worry about it,'" he said.

Bryant said he also hopes he can get back into teaching someday, and feel less nervous while walking the halls.

"I miss my students, and I miss my job," he said through tears.

Bryant sent a message over Facebook to Beth Slette, the superintendent for West Fargo Public Schools, asking her to tell his side of the story, but he hasn't heard back.