Since March 4, West Fargo Public Schools’ third grade artists will be featured in an exhibit at the Plains Art Museum in honor of Youth Art Month. Inspired by Portland, Oregon artist Gary Hirsch and his BotJoy project, every third-grade student has created a Bot.

The exhibit will run through March 31.

A Bot is created with the purpose of making a positive impact on the community and those living in it. In order to do so, each Bot is “programmed” by its creator with a unique function such as creativity, kindness, courage, or confidence; the programmed function provides a “boost” to those in the Bot’s presence.

Funded by a grant from the West Fargo Educational Foundation, and in collaboration with local furniture manufacturer Grain Designs, the Bots are able to be shared with the community.

Additional information about the students’ project can be found at or by visiting the completed artwork at the Plains Art Museum during the month of March.