WEST FARGO — West Fargo School District voters elected two incumbents and one newcomer to the school board Tuesday, June 9.

Incumbent Patti Stedman, who is currently the board's president, received 18% of the vote, according to complete but unofficial election returns Tuesday night.

Newcomer Trisha Page received 16% of the vote and incumbent Dan Schaeffer received 14.3%, with 15 of 15 precincts reporting.

Stedman, who was elected to a fourth term, said late Tuesday she was excited by the outcome of the vote.

"I was really looking forward to serving another term," Stedman said, adding she plans to continue with things that have been working well, including efforts to keep open lines of communication with teachers.

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Stedman said other priorities include school safety and maintaining equitable curriculum across schools.

Page said she was somewhat surprised by the outcome of the vote.

"There were so many wonderful candidates running, I knew it was going to be tough," she said.

Trisha Page
Trisha Page

She said her immediate plans as a board member will be to focus on inclusiveness and support for students and teachers.

"Those are really big priorities for me," Page said.

Schaeffer, who won a second term Tuesday, said he was "humbled and excited" about being re-elected.

Dan Schaeffer
Dan Schaeffer

He said his first four years on the board were a learning experience and he planned to make the most of that experience in his second term.

Shaeffer has said the most pressing issues facing the district include making sure students are ready to face the real world and making sure student mental health is supported by the district.

Others on the ballot Tuesday included: Matuor Alier; Anthony Bryant; Connie Faulkner; Shannon Grave; and Jason McLean.

Grave received 14% of the vote; McLean received 12%; Bryant received 9.9%; Faulkner received 9.7%; and Alier received 6%.

The election involved mail-only balloting.

Each of the three seats filled Tuesday carry four-year terms.

Alier said he was running for the school board to ensure that all families felt engaged in their children's education and to make sure teachers and staff have what they need to teach and provide a world-class education for every student in the district.

According to Alier, the most important issues facing the district included recruiting and retaining talented staff and maintaining a safe learning environment.

Bryant, who taught language arts in the West Fargo School District for four years before resigning last August, said he was running because he was dismayed by the direction the district was moving in and he felt there was no support being given to teachers.

Bryant said the district's most critical issues included a lack of accountability among administrators and a lack of expectations and consequences for students.

Faulkner said she was running to help students and the community achieve a successful school district.

She said important issues facing the district include student safety and class sizes.

Grave said she was seeking a seat on the board to help ensure that West Fargo remains one of the best school districts in the nation. She said that can be achieved through ongoing innovation and following best practices.

According to Grave, educational placement of students with extensive behavioral needs was one of the district's most pressing issues.

McLean identified the district's space needs as a major issue and said he was running as a candidate who could bring fresh ideas.

The school district encompasses West Fargo, parts of Fargo and the communities of Horace and Harwood.