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Information available on how to become ND medical marijuana dispensary

BISMARCK, N.D. – The North Dakota Department of Health has released information for people interested in operating one or more of the eight dispensaries for medical marijuana.

Division of Medical Marijuana Director Jason Wahl said the “draft dispensary application materials” give interested parties a head start on what they all need to open a possible dispensary, including such things as registering with the Secretary of State.

“The applicants selected will be responsible not only for dispensing usable marijuana to registered qualifying patients and designated caregivers, but they will also have the important role of providing education to those patients and designated caregivers on products and dosing,” added Wahl.

A panel will be established to review all applications. The panel will evaluate, score and select applicants that will be eligible for registration through the NDDoH. Previously, the NDDoH established eight dispensary regions covering all areas of the state.

Wahl said he doesn’t have an exact date when dispensary applications will be selected, however two marijuana growing facilities will be selected by mid-May.

The facilities will then be able to announce when the marijuana products will be available.

That, said Wahl, will then set in motion the application and selection process for dispensaries.

He said the official dispensary application period will likely be only about a month-long period.

More information is available on the division’s website at or people can call the Division of Medical Marijuana at 701-328-1311.