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Approval voting supporters say poll shows Fargoans favor changing election system

Reform Fargo uses this illustration to demonstrate the concept of approval voting. Special to The Forum

FARGO — The city of Fargo may be the first municipality in the country to implement approval voting, according to a recent poll conducted by supporters of the new election system.

The Center for Election Science, a national proponent of approval voting, used Fargo-based polling service Prime46 to conduct the poll, which found:

• 43 percent were in favor of approval voting.

• 36 percent were not sure how they would vote or what approval voting is.

• 21 percent were opposed to approval voting.

Two hundred residents took part in the poll that has a 3.5 percent margin of error.

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Fargo residents will vote on whether the city should switch to approval voting, a system that lets residents vote for as many candidates as they want in a given race.

A "no" vote on Fargo's Measure 1 means that voters want to stick with the current method, plurality voting, that lets voters select one candidate per race.

In the campaign to pass the approval voting measure, The Center for Election Science is giving $50,000 to Reform Fargo, a local group that got Measure 1 on the city ballot, according to Reform Fargo's Chairman Jed Limke.

City Auditor Steve Sprague previously told The Forum he's never seen so much money donated in the campaign for a city ballot measure.

Kim Hyatt

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