West Fargo residents who plan to discharge their sump pump water indoors into the sanitary sewer system this winter must obtain a seasonal variance from the city.

If residents obtain the $50 variance, they are able to discharge their sump pump water indoors into the sewer system between Nov. 1 and April 1.

This variance must be obtained annually to discharge sump pumps indoors. Residents can take out a variance at any time during the winter months for a one-time fee of $50, should they need it.

The fee is not pro-rated based on when it is applied for and must be purchased annually. Those who do not purchase a variance must continue to discharge their sump pump outside, but must not discharge onto sidewalks or streets as to avoid causing safety hazards such as ice dams.

After April 1 each year, all sump pumps must discharge outside. Residents can choose to pay online or have the fee added to their monthly utility bill. To purchase a variance, fill out the Sump Pump Variance Form at https://lf.westfargond.gov/Forms/Sump-Pump.