The three snow events so far this winter have cost the city of West Fargo upwards of $664,000 in removal costs, which is about $100,000 less than what was spent for snow removal in all of 2019.

Public Works Director Matthew Andvik reported that blizzards between Dec. 27 and Jan. 10, cost the city about $315,541, a number that includes such things as snow blowing, plowing, sanding/salting, and snow removal from city streets.

The second storm, Jan. 17-22, cost the city about $123,168.

The city also contracted with four snow removal companies to remove snow Jan. 6-22 for a tab of about $226,000.

Andvik said from Jan. 1 through the end of December 2019, the city spent about $748,365, which included 11 snow events that needed snow removal from the streets.

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WDAY-TV Chief Meteorologist John Wheeler said that as of Wednesday, Feb. 5, 42.6 inches of snow had fallen on the metro, with the average being about 32 inches of snow. However, he said high snowfall numbers don't necessarily equate to high snow removal costs.

"For one thing, not all snows are the same," Wheeler said. "Six inches of fluffy, airy snow is a lot less trouble than six inches of wet snow. Also, drifting plays a major factor."

Wheeler said the two biggest storms of this winter season, one around Thanksgiving and another just after Christmas, left 10-12 inches on the ground, causing a lot more work for removal crews.

Wheeler also pointed out that the snow total will likely change soon, which can change the totals anytime.