FARGO — The Cass County Government announced Friday that a ballot drop-box has been made available to voters for the upcoming June 9 election.

The drop-box is available to voters at the Cass County Courthouse, located at 211 9th St. S. The drop-box will be accessible until 4 p.m. on Election Day. After 4 p.m., the box will be locked so no further ballots can be submitted. Ballots must be returned in the provided return envelope and the voter must sign the envelope.

Mail-in ballots are still accepted, provided they are postmarked by Monday, June 8, or earlier. The courthouse advised that voters who mail their ballots on June 8 ensure that they are postmarked that day.

The drop-box and mail-in ballots will replace a physical polling location for the June 9 election. Governor Doug Burgum signed an executive order on March 26 suspending the requirement for counties to have at least one polling location for the upcoming election.

All 53 of North Dakota's counties have decided that all voting for the June 9 election will be done through the mail.