The West Fargo City Commission held a special meeting Monday, June 22, to swear in the winners of the June 9 election.

Mandy George was elected to her first term with about 39 percent of the vote. Incumbent Mark Simmons will begin his fifth term as a commissioner after capturing 33 percent of the vote. Roben Anderson, who received 28 percent of the vote, will continue to serve on the Special Assessments Committee.

The swearing-in was followed by appointments of the commission to serve on city committees. Commissioner Brad Olson was also nominated by Bernie Dardis as vice chair of the commission in 2020.

The meeting was also Mike Thorstad's last meeting as a commissioner. Thorstad served on the commission for three terms, or 12 years, and chose not to run for reelection earlier this year. He said he decided "it was someone else's time."

"It's amazing how fast time goes when you're having fun. I guess most of it was fun anyway," Thorstad said.

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After thanking the commission, city staff and residents, he said one of the best things about being a part of the commission was meeting people in West Fargo as well as surrounding communities.

"Again, thanks everybody. I'll certainly be around and I certainly welcome any questions," Thorstad said.

The commission's next regular meeting will be Monday, July 6.